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rose & wedding rings (photo credit: Juliet Mascarenhas)

Wedding Policy

St. Francis of Assisi Church is a beautiful and memorable setting for a wedding. Many couples wish to be married here at St. Francis - so many, in fact, that the clergy personnel of St. Francis are unable to prepare for marriage or to witness the marriages of all the couples who wish to marry here. Therefore, St. Francis Parish has formulated the following policy regarding weddings:

The following persons will be prepared for marriage by clergy personnel of St. Francis of Assisi Parish according to the guidelines set down by the Diocese of Sacramento:

Territorial parishioners
Those persons who live within the boundaries of St. Francis of Assisi Parish:

  • Our Northern boundary: Railroad Tracks just North of B Street
  • Our Southern boundary: X Street
  • Our Eastern boundary: 32nd Street
  • Our Western boundary: 18th Street

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Affiliated parishioners
Those persons who have chosen to be part of our faith community (have officially registered in the parish) and who have actively taken part in the life of this faith community for one year prior to scheduling their wedding. (Active participation can be demonstrated through regular contributions made to St. Francis of Assisi Parish through the use of envelopes or personal checks).

Non-parishioners are welcome to marry at St. Francis of Assisi Parish, but must comply with the following conditions:


  • Must supply their own Roman Catholic priest or deacon.
  • The Roman Catholic priest or deacon must complete, sign and return the Agreement to Prepare and Officiate PDF icon with the attached pdf.
  • The Roman Catholic priest or deacon must prepare the couple for marriage according to the guidelines of the Diocese of Sacramento (Note: This includes preparing the canonical paperwork).
  • St. Francis Parish will not reserve a date for the wedding until the signed Agreement to Prepare and Officiate has been received.

Marrying Outside the Diocese of Sacramento:

At times, an engaged couple will wish to marry outside the Diocese of Sacramento (e.g., Los Angeles). In this situation, the clergy personnel of St. Francis of Assisi Parish will only prepare those couples for marriage who are territorial or affiliated parishioners.

Reserve Your Wedding Date

We strongly recommend that you contact the parish to reserve the date of your wedding before you reserve a hall for your reception. We will only reserve a wedding date UP TO TWO YEARS IN ADVANCE of your desired date.

Weddings take place on most Saturdays at 11am, 2pm and 7:30pm. Please do not request other days or times.

Marriage Preparation Guide

For more information, please review our Marriage Preparation Guide. PDF icon
(Guide revised: May 2016)

Our Guide contains:

  • Documents You Will Need: List of Documents

  • Ecumenical Concerns: Non-Catholic Witnesses and Ministers

  • Other Considerations: Time of Ceremony, Rehearsal, Decorations, Photography/Videography, Parking, Reception, Fees, etc.

  • Liturgical Guidelines: Guidelines to help you plan your wedding ceremony.

  • Music for Worship: Information to help you plan your music

  • Additional Resources: Photographers, Videographers, Other Resources, Basic Outline of the Rite of Marriage

If You Have Any Questions:

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